Binaural Funk Groophz

In November 2019 I got a new DAW plugin, dearVR Pro, that changed my kind of mixing. To be honest: standard stereo mixes became boring when I started to experiment with binaural sounds.

To hear what I tried to create you need headphones. Speakers may work, but it’s not the same „room“ experience.

Latest experiments with two Bose Soundlink Micro speakers showed me, that the binaural mix has almost the same impact if they are near to your ears on the desk, party modus and stereo on via the boseconnect app. The impression that the drums are in front of you is pretty amazing. But this effects disappears with the distance to the speakers. And they have to emit the sound in direction to the ceiling.

Currently I’m working on the next iteration of my workflow and template to incorporate the binaural mix – and make it a standard. And the sample libraries of Rawcutz will be an essential part of my songs.

Here’s an example with the Rawcutz samples, in binaural mix, and also in the classic stereo mix.

Next step will be the separation of drum samples into stems for kick, snare, hi-hat, etc. using Regroover to create the impression the listener is the drummer ;-).

More classic stereo beats at YouTube, and the binaural ones at YouTube.